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Founder's Jam features stories of founders building impeccable technology startups in the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets. Show hosts Maria Rotilu and Shiyan Koh will talk with founders about their experiences, the good and not so good highlighting the crosswinds, tailwinds, and nuances unique to emerging markets.

Founders will discuss how humbling the entrepreneurship experience can be, as well as the exponential impact potential of their ventures to radically transform the daily lives of users in their markets. Through this conversation, we are educated by founders first-hand on the realities of building a venture as well as the exponential impact of their ventures in emerging markets.  


Ep. 9: Steve Melhuish, Co-Founder of PropertyGuru Group

Steve is the co-founder of PropertyGuru, Southeast Asia’s largest online real estate group, as well as a climate-tech investor/venture capitalist.

In this podcast, Steve takes us back to 2007 and discusses the challenges of changing consumers' and realtors’ behaviors when people were still used to using newspaper classifieds to find real estate. He chats about the pains of regional expansion and growth, as well as the bittersweet nature of handing leadership over to his successor.


Ep. 8: Gillian Tee, Founder and CEO of Homage

Gillian is the founder and CEO of Homage, a platform that connects caregivers to patients across Southeast Asia and now, Oceania. After decades of economic growth powered by young workforces, Asian countries are now facing aging populations and lack adequate caregiving infrastructure to support it’s older citizens. Homage is bringing solutions to this market. Gillian brings a unique founder perspective, having founded a company in the US prior to moving home to Singapore where she started Homage. 

In this podcast, Gillian discusses the joys and challenges of building a business that requires moving and treating real people (not just code), collaborating with stakeholders (governments, insurance businesses), and shares highlights of the journey so far.


Ep. 7: Miishe Addy, Co-Founder and CEO of Jetstream Africa

Miishe is the founder and CEO of Jetstream Africa, the continent's leading cross-border logistics technology company that makes it easier, faster, and cheaper for global companies to trade physical goods with emerging markets. 

Prior to Jetstream, Miishe studied law at Stanford and earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard College. She started her career as a top-ranked strategy analyst for Bain & Company in New York, and has worked with global NGOs including TechnoServe, Global Partnerships, and the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.


Ep. 6: Iyin Aboyeji, Co-Founder of Andela

Iyin Aboyeji a.k.a ‘E’ is a three-time founder, two technology companies, and one fund. E is the co-founder of Flutterwave, a fintech unicorn that started in Nigeria and expanded across Africa, now helping global merchants get paid, Andela, a global technology company helping growing technology companies source and hire world-class software engineering talent. E is now the founder of Future Africa, a pre-seed and seed-stage fund that invests in technology companies in Africa.

In this conversation, Iyin chats with us on his entrepreneurial journey through his growing up and his initial ambitions to be a professor. We talk about his first startup, in Canada, his childhood interactions with entrepreneurship through trade-in secondary school, and his childhood.


Ep. 5: Son Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Dat Bike

Son is the founder and CEO of Dat Bike, an electric motorcycle company based in Vietnam. Their motorcycles offer amazing acceleration, low operating costs, and of course are less pollutive than their gasoline-powered cousins.

Son attended UIUC on a full scholarship from the Vietnamese government, and after a few years working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, decided he wanted to move home to Vietnam and work on something that would improve the lives of his fellow citizens. Struck by the increasing pollution he saw during his annual visits home, he decided to work on electric motorcycles. 


Ep. 4: Vicente Zavarce, Founder and CEO of Yummy

Vicente is the founder and CEO of Yummy, a super-app for Latin America. Founded in Venezuela, Vicente and his team pioneered food delivery, dark supermarkets and rideshare in the country. Since then, Yummy has launched Yummy Rocket (15 min grocery delivery) in Peru and Chile and is excited to bring the Yummy commerce experience across Latin America.

In this episode of Founder's Jam, Vicente discusses how he made the decision to start a business in Venezuela, how he thinks about hiring, and how to stay the course even when things look bleak. 


Ep. 3: Caterine Castillo, Co-founder and CEO of Neivor

Caterine is the CEO of Neivor a payments company that helps building managers manage their resident-facing tasks via a single app. With Neivor residents make payments and keep up with everything happening in their residential communities. Think of it as a Nextdoor for Latin America.


Ep. 2: Ximena Aleman, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Prometeo

Ximena is one of three co-founders of Prometeo, an open banking platform for Latin America. Think of it as a Plaid for Latam. Prometeo’s API platform users connect to LATAMs financial sector where they can access information, carry out payments and bank transactions and many more.


Ep. 1: Iain Usiri, Founder and CEO of Ramani

Iain is the CEO and co-founder of Ramani, a sales operations software that helps African distributors manage their inventory, operations and sales performance. Ramani is building technology for Africa’s $900bn FMCG supply chain. 


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