What our founders say about us.

In Hustle Fund 1 (our current fund), we're investing in 80+ startups. We think we do a pretty good job serving our people, but here's what a few of our portfolio founders say about us:

Guillaume Laliberte, Setter

"Eric and Elizabeth are incredible, invaluable partners. They are master tacticians and strategists, but more importantly, they're the kind of people you can always count on. They always pushed us to do more, to move faster than we thought was possible, and their connections opened a whole other world of opportunity for us."

Ebere Anosike, Thank You Kindly

"Elizabeth & Eric have hustled on our behalf - with strategic guidance on things like user acquisition; intros to folks who have joined our team; product we're building; as well as delivering BS-free answers to a steady stream of questions. They get the vision, understand our product, and have helped us build from Day 1. If they're willing to write you a check, take it, and cash all the hustle they'll offer you on the side too!"

Tatyana Mitkova, ClaimCompass

"Elizabeth and Eric are 'founder-first' investors with highly valuable entrepreneurial backgrounds themselves. They believe that great companies can come from anywhere and prove this with a portfolio of diverse founders. I found them to be extremely supportive and hands-on when it came to attracting more investors to join our round. And they are always a call away when we need their advice or feedback."

Pavan Boob, FleetPanda

"Even a $25K investment from Eric and Elizabeth is worth $1M. Their intros are taken seriously and they know the right partners for you. They develop conviction quickly and continue to believe in you irrespective of the noise. The very first meeting after investing, Eric told me to not be afraid of failing and they will continue to back me irrespective of any outcome. They think more like founders then investors, which is a good thing. If you are lucky to get an investment, take their money, you want them on your team."

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