Venture Capital Investor in Singapore

The Opportunity.

The High Level

Hustle Fund is a pre-seed fund with offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore. Our core investment strategy is to invest in teams who demonstrate relentless speed. We first work with early founders to monitor their speed/execution before qualifying startups for our larger concentrated checks. We have 90+ portfolio companies across North America and Southeast Asia. We are building a modern asset management business, enabled by technology, focused on serving early-stage businesses.

We are looking for an investment professional to join the Southeast Asian investment team. The investment team’s primary goal is to find and invest in the best early-stage technology companies.

In this role, you will identify companies we should meet based on both signals (“what’s trending?”) and theses (“what do we believe will happen in a specific market?”), contribute to the investment diligence and decision process, and help build our brand in Southeast Asia.

The Career Path

We ask for a minimum 2-year commitment to the role (but would love for you to stay longer!). Working at Hustle Fund is a great way to meet interesting companies that you may fall in love with, or as preparation to join other funds and technology companies, or to stay on as a more senior investment professional.

What you would do.

Evaluate prospective investments: You will assist in the overall diligence on specific companies we are considering investing in, or an entire category of startups we are evaluating. Specific tasks will include capturing notes during pitches, calling customers, checking references, analyzing metrics (financial, customer, user, engagement, etc), understanding the history of a category, and other tasks related to the evaluation of an investment.

Co-author “thought pieces” (in the form of blog posts, podcasts, presentations, YouTube videos, etc): You will work with the GPs to co-author thought pieces for general consumption.

Cultivate a network of subject matter experts: You will cultivate “pick up the phone” relationships with a set of influential people in the SEA tech ecosystem, which could include anyone from leaders at mature technology companies to university researchers focused on a specific technology.

Ad hoc research: Perform business and technology research on markets, companies, and themes that the fund is interested in.

Qualities you should have.

Hustle: You’re someone who doesn’t let a lack of resources get in your way; you use what you have to get far further, and faster than those with more resources and experiences. We are a startup ourselves. If you’re looking for a cushy VC job, this is not the right place.

People Skills: You are a nice person with high empathy for founders; ability to collaborate with colleagues, navigate relationships in the technology ecosystem, and ensure that all founders who interact with Hustle Fund have a great experience. We are straightforward and you should be comfortable saying “Yes” or “No” while providing useful feedback to founders.

Intense Curiosity: You love to learn and have both an insatiable hunger to learn about new technologies and business models and the ability to rapidly learn about a new domain or company category.

Analytical Skills: You have strong analytical skills and are able to understand both quantitative data and qualitative evidence as we evaluate investment opportunities, and then communicate results effectively.

Communication Skills: You can synthesize complex information and communicate in an effective way to different audiences in both verbal and written formats.

Prior Experience: You have 3-8 years of professional experience that serves as good preparation for venture capital investing, which often includes some combination of starting your own business, product management or growth marketing at a high-growth startup, investment banking, management consulting or other experiences that foster the necessary skills.

Academic Background: We’re open to a wide range of academic backgrounds

Languages: You’re fluent in English, and ideally one or more Southeast Asian languages (Bahasa, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese)

How to apply.

Please send an email to with your resume, subject line: “Hustle Fund SEA Investor” and a brief note that covers :

  • A brief introduction of who you are and what you want to learn
  • What’s your favorite tech product (can be anything software enabled)
  • What you think is a big and interesting problem to solve in Southeast Asia

About Hustle Fund.

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