Introductions-as-a-service, exclusively for Hustle Fund Portfolio Companies.

Network Access is a new service by Hustle Fund to provide portfolio companies with access to the cumulative networks of Hustle Fund's Angel Squad (400+ members) and core team. 


A team of hustlers (no pun intended) dedicated to opening doors for you. 🤫

Here's how it works.

The Network Access team will set up a bi-weekly call to check-in and see who you need introductions to. You can request introductions to a specific person (ex. John Appleseed) or a certain archetype (ex. Director of Growth at Seed → Series A companies).

We'll then identify who, within the Hustle Fund network, is the best person to introduce you to that particular individual. After we do, we'll ask that person to make the introduction for you. That's it!

Network Access is a new project that is currently in beta. We're looking for early users that are willing to test it, provide feedback, and work with us to improve it.


Space is limited!


Network Access AMA 🧐

  • Is this a free service?

    Yes it is! There's no fee required.

  • Are there any limitations on who you can introduce me to?

    For the most part, no! If you want introductions to very hard to reach people, that's very likely not doable. For most standard asks, we think we can help. 

  • How many companies will be able to participate in the beta?

    We'll only onboard a very limited number of companies for this first batch (<5) in December. As we continue to refine Network Access, we'll open up additional batches. 

  • How can I improve the chances of being accepted into the Network Access beta?

    We'd like to work with companies that can be proactive in helping us shape the future vision for Network Access with detailed feedback and suggestions. If this sounds like you, let it show in your application!

  • What's in it for the people that are making these introductions?

    To start, the ability to build relationships with Hustle Fund founders. Later on, we may reward introducers with additional incentives. 

  • How long will it take you to facilitate an introduction?

    To start, we're targeting a < 48 hour turnaround time.


Sound like a fit for you? Apply to our beta!

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