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Hustle Fund Raises $33.6M to Democratize Access to Pre-Seed Capital

The general partners at Hustle Fund don't need to be told that the fund's strategy of investing $25,000 initial checks into "hilariously early" companies goes against venture capital norms.

The VCs who founders love most

Elizabeth Yin voted as among the Top 11 most favorite VCs by founders, across nearly 400 VCs who were rated in this latest survey.

This Week in Startups
E1061 AMA: Hustle Fund Co-Founder & General Partner Elizabeth Yin answers 50 questions from founders!

This Week in Startups
E1055: Hustle Fund Co-Founder & General Partner Elizabeth Yin on her unique portfolio strategy, attracting first-time LPs, optimism for post-COVID fundraising, dealing with pro rata as a smaller fund & more!

TechCrunch: Elizabeth Yin Discusses 2020's Fundraising Landscape

On the heels of her conversation-driving Twitter thread on 2020’s venture fundraising climate, Hustle Fund’s Elizabeth Yin converted her thoughts into an op-ed for TechCrunch. In keeping with her expansive thread, we asked her to…

Business Insider
Business Insider: A tech investor reveals why some VCs take a long time to make an investment decision

The road to raising venture capital for a startup is no cakewalk. Some founders try to shorten the road by going around the firm's junior member of the investment team who sources deals for the partnership.

Elizabeth Yin, a serial entrepreneur and a tech investor, says this can be a mistake.

Grit Daily
Grit Daily: A Conversation with Elizabeth Yin

An astoundingly small half a percent of startups secure VC money. With the bulk of startups hitting the cutting room floor, there’s a very real possibility that many gems are hiding in the scrapped deals pile.

After years of building her own companies and mentoring entrepreneurs from across the globe, Elizabeth Yin is now writing hundreds of first-checks through her firm, Hustle Fund.

The Doers Network Podcast: A Fireside Chat with Eric Bahn

Eric Bahn is General Partner and Co-Founder of Hustle Fund, a venture capital company based in San Carlos, CA. Eric, a native Metro Detroiter, has dedicated his life to helping up and coming startups with funding to take their businesses to the next level. In this podcast, learn what Eric has to say about what it takes for a startup to get funding.

Deal Street Asia
SEA Startups don't need to be cutting edge, only great at execution, says Hustle Fund's Koh

There are very few who would jump headlong into the Southeast Asian investment ecosystem after 18 years in Silicon Valley. Hustle Fund's Shiyan Koh is one of them.

Prestige 40 Under 40: Shiyan Koh

You could say that venture capitalism is in Koh Shiyan’s blood: She was inspired to join the industry by her mother, herself a venture capitalist. Koh has spent the last 15 years in a mix of investing and operating roles – in companies such as J.P. Morgan and Bridgewater Associates. With Hustle Fund, it was a natural transition back to investing.

Product Hunt Radio
Product Hunt Radio: Venture Capital 101 with Eric Bahn

On this episode, Ryan sits down with Eric Bahn from Hustle Fund in San Francisco. Hustle Fund invests in what they call “hilariously-early hustlers.” Prior to co-founding the fund, Eric worked in a number of operating roles…

Hustle Fund, founded by two ex-500 Startups partners, closes $11.5 million fund

Hustle Fund, the pre-seed firm founded by former 500 Startups partners Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn, has closed their first fund, coming in at the tune of $11.5 million.

Deal Street Asia

US-based Hustle Fund closes first $11.5m fund anchored by China’s Shanda, Line and Naver

US-based Hustle Fund has closed its first fund of $11.5 million, anchored by China’s online gaming giant Shanda, Japan’s Line and Naver, South Korea’s largest search engine. Other investors include tech operators, founders and executives of Zappos, Optimizely and NerdWallet.

The Asian Entrepreneur

Women in Tech: Movers & Shakers - Shiyan Koh from Hustle Fund

I met Shiyan Koh at the Women in Tech Singapore 2018. Koh was the VP of business operations and corporate development at personal finance company NerdWallet. She formerly worked as an investment professional at Bridgewater Associates and Institutional Venture Partners. She is now at Hustle Fund: a pre-seed firm founded by former 500 Startups partners Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn.

Tech In Asia

Tech In Asia: Her parents made her calculate hourly revenue at a KFC outlet. She’s now a VC.

Koh Shiyan has become the managing partner of “pre-seed” investment firm Hustle Fund, which has closed its first fund of US$11.5 million from the likes of Chinese gaming pioneer Shanda, Japan’s Line, and Naver, South Korea’s largest search engine.


What's The Best Way For Beginning Investors To Get Started

Like everything else, investing takes practice — lots of it. But, you don’t need as much money as you might think. If you’re going to start angel investing, here are some quick tips.


Hustle Fund's Elizabeth Yin explains how to build a competitive accelerator

Elizabeth Yin, general partner and co-founder of Hustle Fund, took to the stage at Startupfest on Wednesday to explain how accelerators can differentiate themselves by specializing in a specific sector and stage, and marketing themselves online and through partnerships with coworking spaces.

Huffington Post

Investing In Speed, Hustle & Meritocracy With Hustle Fund Co-Founder Elizabeth Yin

Elizabeth set out to solve was on this idea of meritocracy and funding the best entrepreneurs no matter their background or pedigree. She shared, “There are a lot of VCs that would invest in pedigree to de-risk but that doesn’t always lower the risk. I think the best quality of a lot of entrepreneurs is speed of execution. I’ve seen so many pedigree teams that can’t execute quickly for a variety of reasons and on the flipside, there are teams with no pedigrees who can.”

20 Minute VC

The Twenty Minute VC

Why VCs fundamentally assess founders the wrong way, why VC needs to innovate on the scouting model & why SAFEs and convertible notes are the future of investing with Elizabeth Yin, Founder & General Partner @ Hustle Fund.


Ex-500 Startups partners launch Hustle Fund to level the playing field for founders

Ex-500 Startups partners Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn want to focus on potential impact, not on whether or not founders have a degree from Stanford or some Ivy League school. Their goal with Hustle Fund, according to sources, is to level the playing the field for entrepreneurs in an industry where pedigree is not a good proxy for success. Hustle Fund ultimately wants to create a true meritocracy in the venture capital world.