Learn how to create membership programs with NFTs

Join our 2-week project based course to learn how to create an NFT and sell it as an exclusive pass to your restricted content, all without writing a single line of code.


What is token gating and is this course right for you?

Watch this short video to learn what token gating is, why we decided to create this course, and why you should take it.


Real examples of how brands are using NFTs and token gating.



Coachella launched 10 unique NFTs where holders are granted lifetime VIP access to the festival, one of a kind on-site experiences, and more. Learn more here.


Shopify is launching a suite of tools to help sellers create token gated eCommerce stores and unlock next level shopping experiences. Learn more here.


Stoner Cats is an animated cartoon series produced by actress Mila Kunis. Only holders of the Stoner Cats NFT can watch the episodes. Learn more here.


If you're interested in enabling token gating for your own community but haven't taken the steps...

  1. You don't know where to start and it's overwhelming
  2. You're not technical enough
  3. You don't like learning by yourself
  4. You're worried about safety and security in Web3

If you've experienced at least one of these challenges, don't worry we've got you covered.


Our NFT Token Gating Course takes all the complexities and fears out of Web3 and breaks it down into easy to understand lessons. Our project-based course focuses on:



Learning Web3 can be overwhelming. We take all the complications out of it by distilling the concepts down to content you can easily digest and understand.


We know the best way to learn in Web3 is by doing. Our course incorporates hands on learning with group work so you can successfully build in Web3.


Web3 can be a scary place. We'll give you tips, tactics, and strategies on how you can protect yourself against hackers and exploits as you navigate the space.


This 2-week course begins on 9/12/2022.

Space is limited. We keep our cohorts small to ensure every student gets lots of support.


General Pricing


  • August 27 - September 7


Don't take our word for it, hear from our past students.

"The token-gating course was really useful. The practical applicability of what we learned brought to life a lot of the other concepts I've been learning about and had been reflecting on.

The content was easy to follow and broken down into digestible chunks. I felt empowered being able to easily mint NFTs and use tools to token-gate content in a no-code environment. I also enjoyed the accountability of a slightly smaller group format."

Nimesh Wijesooriya, Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development at Aristocrat

"Going into the token-gating course, I had no prior knowledge of how NFTs are created or what they could be used for. Being a part of this course and carrying out the group work and assignments really helped with understanding the basics and how to use NFTs to gate content.

My team and I are already working on how we can combine tokenomics and token-gating to create a Web2.5 Reward Program for our product by building upon what I learned during this course and what I created as part of my final showcase."

Yemi Awobusuyi, Co-Founder of Risecoin

"The course was great. I liked the format, combining just enough theory at the beginning, so you can have just enough practice at the end. I don't recall a course combining those two things in such a compressed schedule. It was like an an “MVC”, Minimum Viable Course.

I like how token-gating provides quick utility. The presentations on the last day felt like actual concepts or MVPs. The killer part was the hands-on demo which pushed me to think and apply what I learned. There were plenty of examples of real use cases that served for inspiration."

Jose Fuentes, Founder/CEO (Stealth Startup)


Meet your instructor: Hung Pham

Hung Pham is the Head of Web3 Education at Hustle Fund where he helps builders and operators learn about and transition from Web2 to Web3.

He's been investing in Web3 since 2015 and is an avid NFT collector.

Previously, he founded Culture Summit, an educational conference that helps companies build and transform their work place culture.

Hung Pham

Here's what you get in this 2-week project based course.


Session 1 (9/12) - Deep Dive on Token Gating + Create Your First NFT

In this live session, you will learn:

  • What is token gating and how does it work?
  • Incentive alignment and NFTs - why this is important in Web3.
  • Real world examples of how businesses are using token gating today.
  • The future of token gating and how you can build a business with it.
  • You will be working in groups to create your first NFT using no code tools.

Session 2 (9/19) - Token Gating on Luma and Pinata

In this live session, you will learn:

  • How to token gate with your NFT using two no code tools on the market; Luma and Pinata.
  • Luma allows you to create token gated in person and virtual events.
  • Pinata allows you to create token gated assets such as video, audio, and digital files.
  • You will be working in groups to do token gating with both platforms.


Session 3 (9/23) - NFT Wallet Security and Set Up + NFT Showcase

In this live session, you will learn:

  • Hot wallet vs. cold wallet. What are they and how do they work.
  • How to protect yourself against hackers and exploits.
  • Ideal wallet set up for managing and keeping your NFTs safe.
  • You will be showcasing a fictitious project or business you built using the tools you learned from the first two sessions.


This token gating course is for you if...

  1. You have some familiarity with Web3 (have a MetaMask wallet, purchased ETH) and want to learn more.
  2. You like hands on learning and working in groups.
  3. You don't have a lot of time to to learn Web3 on your own.
  4. You want to create and launch an NFT.

This course is NOT for you if...

  1. You are completely new to Web3. Don't worry, we will launch an intro to Web3 course in the future.
  2. You prefer to learn on your own time and work by yourself.
  3. You think Web3 is a scam. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
By the end of this course, you'll have the tools to create an NFT collection and build a token gated business with it.

You've got questions, we've got answers.

  • What is token gating?

    Token gating is the process of restricting access to digital assets or content only to holders of specific NFTs. It is a common tool used by NFT projects to create value for community members. You can reward people who hold your NFTs by creating exclusive content, events, merch, and other benefits available only to holders.

  • How does token gating work?

    In Web3, websites and decentralized web apps that restrict access will require users to connect their wallet and prove ownership of the specified NFT. Once ownership is proven, the website will allow access to the restricted digital assets and content.

  • What type of businesses can I build with token gating?

    Example 1: You’re a podcast creator and you want to release exclusive episodes of your podcast only to special members of your audience. You can do this through token gating such that only owners of your NFT can access this content.

    Example 2: You run a monthly investing mastermind group. With token gating, you can set it up such that only owners of your NFT can register and sign up for your monthly events.

    Example 3: You are developing a Web3 product. You sell a number of NFTs to fund your startup and one of the benefits for owners is that they can get early access test your product and provide valuable feedback.

    As more token gating tools launch, the possibilities of what you can token gate and what type of businesses you can build around token gating is endless.

  • What is an NFT?

    NFT stands for non-fungible token. Think of it as a one-of-a-kind digital trading card that you can buy, sell, and own. You might’ve heard the story of the artist Beeple selling his NFT for $69M. With the tools in this course, you can create your own NFT for sale without having to write a single line of code.

  • When does the course take place?

    The live sessions take place on September 12, 19, and 23 at 10 am PT. 

  • What if I can't attend live, should I sign up to watch the recordings?

    We do not recommend learning strictly from the recorded sessions, as the valuable portion of this course is the group work. If you’ll be missing one session, that is fine, but we do not recommend missing more than one out of the three sessions.

  • Do I have to be selected to attend the course?

    Yes, we will be reviewing all applications, and responding on a first come, first serve basis. There is no interview process. You’ll receive an email letting you know if you’ve been selected

  • How much does the course cost?

    The 2-week course costs $299.

  • When is the application due date?

    September 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST

  • Are there any additional cost while taking this course?

    Yes, as you will be creating your own NFT collection and token gating it using one paid tool, we ask you to budget to spend about $50 - $70 USD. This will vary according to gas fees, which you can lower depending on time of day.

  • Are there any prerequisites to take the course?

    Yes, we recommend you have a MetaMask wallet, have purchased some ETH, and understand what NFTs are.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, we offer refunds up until the course starts. Once the course begins, there are no refunds.

  • I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

    Send an email to lidia@hustlefundvc.com


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