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Meet Todd

Todd is an experienced product management leader, active angel investor, and non-profit board member. He has developed a strong reputation for driving disruptive, customer backed product innovation across the full product life cycle in both established and start-up environments. In his current role at SoFi, he leads product management on one of SoFi’s key product lines where the team has delivered record results both pre and post IPO.

As an angel investor, Todd has invested in 20+ startups, advised several founding teams, and is always looking for opportunities to add more value to the startup ecosystem. He also spends a lot of his ‚Äúfree‚ÄĚ time investing in the future through his volunteer work Minds Matter SF, helping high performing underrepresented high school students reach their full potential.¬†¬†


Meet Haley

Haley Bryant is an angel operator. Most recently, she grew Animalz, a content marketing agency that specializes in early and growth stage b2b SaaS, from <$2m to over $13m ARR. 

She has been in tech since 2015 but started her career managing Apple stores w/ upwards of $60m in annual revenue.

To date, Haley has invested in >30 startups, including Flow Club, Sacra and Leda Health.


Meet Andy

Andy Louis-Charles is a seasoned operator angel. As an operator, he has spent the last decade as an executive-level intrapreneur, leading a corporate strategy team that has launched over $100M in new business line revenue and has helped drive close to $1B worth of corporate transactions over his career.

As an angel, Andy has invested in over 300 startups, is an LP in a number of emerging funds, and serves as a board member and advisor to several companies. Andy has invested in over 300 startups, is an LP in a number of emerging funds, and serves as a board member and advisor to several companies.


Meet Jamie

Jamie Melzer spent over a decade in research and investing roles on Wall Street before starting her first company and diving into the world of start-ups and venture capital. She has since invested in over 40 companies as an angel including, Andie, Babylist, Disco, Republic, and round21. 

Jamie¬†now leads our growth and late-stage opportunistic investment platform,¬†Hustle Fund Scale, which was the catalyst for Verticals program. We have democratized knowledge and access to angel investing through¬†Angel Squad, and Jamie is now disrupting who gets to invest in top-tier late-stage companies through Scale.¬†Scale has invested in Epic Games, Pipe, Eight Sleep,, and many more coming ūüĎÄ .


Meet EJ

EJ Lawless brings large company scale with startup hustle. He currently runs performance marketing at (where he helped scale traffic from 40M unique visitors a month to 250M unique visitors a month), leading multi-channel, multi-country, and multi-product launches. He's co-founded 3 startups--2 exits--and has significant marketplace experience. 

EJ hosts the most popular podcast focused on the GTM strategies of companies in the robotics, DAO, and globalization space, where he explores the future with founders, operators, and innovators in HR tech. 


Meet Kabe

Kabe Roashan is an accomplished enterprise B2B Leader with over 20 years in the trenches. His specialty is leading sales organizations for top tier venture backed enterprise SaaS start-ups. As an operator he helped a number of companies grow from obscurity to worldwide market leadership and successful exit including Proofpoint (IPO), Arcsight (IPO), Whale Communications (Acquired by Microsoft), and Doubleclick (Acquired by Google).  

Kabe started private company investing in 2011. His first two deals were Facebook and Palantir, and he has since gone on to invest in nearly 100 companies, including Bolt, BlockFi, Public, Coinlist, Kraken, Bitwise, Pipe, and Mercury.


What is Angel Squad anyway?

Angel Squad is an inclusive community training the next generation of angels. We've created this program to give radically transparent access to show how Hustle Fund invests and invite you to invest alongside us into great companies.

Todd, Haley, EJ, Andy, Kabe, and Jamie are all Squad Members.


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