🤫 Invest in late-stage deals you otherwise couldn't.

While Hustle Fund invests in hilariously early startups, our network and brand often give us unique access to top late stage deals. Hustle Fund Scale is an inclusive community where we will evaluate, source, and invest in deals that are near-impossible to get into.

Invest before the IPO with Hustle Fund Scale.

We're building a tight-knit, extremely high-caliber community where we will curate and win late-stage equity and secondary allocations in companies we expect to exit in a short time span.

Have your eyes on a specific company? We're open and will have ongoing community dialogue to make sure we target the very best deals.

We're offering two types of programs

Hustle Fund Scale Syndicate: This program is free to join however, you'll only get access to deals if there is excess allocation. You also won't get access to all the benefits listed on this page.

Hustle Fund Scale Full Program: Not only do you get priority access to deals, you also get reduced carry, 25% of the carry for referring deals in, networking events, educational content, in-depth market research from our partner, Sacra, and more. Apply below.

Join us. 💸

Space is limited!

Fee structure 👩‍💻

*Early Bird Pricing* -- carry reductions capped at $100k/deal.

Scale Syndicate


  • 20% carry on first deal

  • 20% carry on all deals

  • No carry share for referring deals

  • Access only when there is extra allocation

Scale Basic


  • 10% carry on first deal

  • 20% carry on all deals

  • 25% carry share for referring deals

  • Priority access to deals + community/events + 10% Sacra discount

Scale Premium


  • 10% carry on first deal

  • 18% carry on all deals

  • 25% carry share for referring deals

  • Priority access to deals + community/events + 10% Sacra discount

Scale Platinum


  • no carry on first deal

  • 15% carry on all deals

  • 25% carry share for referring deals

  • Priority access to deals + community/events + Sacra Membership

Our first investment was in Pipe, one of the fastest growing startups in tech.

It's about more than just great deals 👩‍💻

We'll meet once per month and we also have an online community for asynchronous conversations.

Access to industry-leading research 🤓.

We won't just get access into the hottest companies, we'll get you in-depth analysis from our partner and Hustle Fund portfolio company, Sacra.

Before investing a big check into a hot company, it's helpful to get a sanity-check from trusted partners.

You can see a couple examples of their work here:

Suggest and debate which companies to target 🎯.

Our edge will be to leverage the collective knowledge and connections of the Squad.

Join pop-up events to discuss deals that we're considering; trends we've identified; and request companies that we should reach out to.

In some cases, we'll also bring in the founder for a live pitch 🦄 .

Scale AMA 🧐

  • Can I join if I'm not a Qualified Client?

    Unfortunately, since we'll be doing both equity and secondary rounds, we are only accepting Qualified Clients into our community. That said, feel free to join our syndicate!

  • What is the fee structure for Scale?

    You can join our free AngelList Syndicate to get access to Scale deals if/when we have an excess allocation.

    To get the full benefits that Scale has to offer, we have three membership tiers that include things like discounts on carry. Click here to preview those options.

  • Is there a cap on how much I can invest per deal?

    No, but if you choose the P

  • What is the Scale program structure?

    The program will have rolling admission. We will start with a group of ~100 members and grow it slowly from there.

    Once a month on Mondays at 5pm PT, we'll meet for a live video call.

  • Can I source deals in exchange for carry?

    Yes! Great deals can come from anywhere - especially our community!

    If you have access to an interesting investment opportunity or a relationship with a later-stage founder, let's talk. We can help you to secure an allocation.

    Economics: for deals that you source, you receive 25% of the carry earned by Scale (this typically equates to ~4.5% or the equivalent of a 45K investment on a $1M syndication).

  • How do the deals work?

    We'll target 2 deals per quarter in Series A or later companies, and a $1M+ allocation per deal.

    Member's will decide if they want to invest on a deal by deal basis. Minimum check size will be $5k per deal.

  • Why is this better than an AngelList syndicate?

    The main value prop here is the scarcity of the deals that we'll be getting into. Plus, our ability to win deals with the Hustle Fund brand and the relationships we build with founders in the ecosystem. Get into one good deal and this program pays for itself (by a sizable multiple).

    You'll also be able to request which companies we should chase, and we'll have the forum to discuss.

    If needed, we'll have the power of our combined networks to find a path in. Finally, we think you'll come for the deals, but stay for the vetted peer group.

  • Who is Angel Squad for? Who is it not for? Is there an "ideal" member?

    The ideal member is well-versed in angel deals, late-stage investing, and more importantly, wants to invest in 3+ deals over the next 12 months. If you aren't in the game, you won't benefit from this program.

    We would like to invite a diverse background of applicants to this program. While tech leaders are great, we also want other practitioners like doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and more.

    Oh by the way--if you're an asshole, you're not invited. :)

    We're highly protective of our community of good humans. We want open mindsets and good attitudes. The plan is to make it safe for people to get vulnerable with each other, so we can really learn together and form a great community.

  • Can I participate even if I have a full-time job.

    Of course! All events will be held in the evenings, and we'll record them in case you need to miss a session. The community will be available to you 24/7.

  • I have more questions!!

    No problem, hit us up at: squad@hustlefundvc.com

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