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Who we are.

Elizabeth Yin

Ex-Partner at 500 Startups. Ex-Googler. Founder of LaunchBit (acquired 2014). Founder of Hustle Con. Stanford BA 2004. MIT MBA 2007.

Eric Bahn

Ex-Venture Partner at 500 Startups. Ex-Facebook. Founder of Beat The GMAT (acquired 2012). Founder of Hustle Con. Stanford BA 2004. Stanford MA 2005.

Why work with us?

What Ling says about us.

“A lot of early stage investors say they provide more than money, but Hustle Fund actually follows through. They invest significant time, provide specific feedback based on their considerable experience and connect us to just the right people to help us succeed. They’re like an extra teammate, which is invaluable early on when you’re running a skeleton crew. Plus they’re founder friendly and move quickly. What more can you ask for?”

Ling Bao, Founder of FutureEngine

What other founders say.

“Elizabeth moves fast, recognizes potential, and is wonderful to work with as an investor.”

“Eric is the best champion one can ask for.”

“There is zero bullshit with Elizabeth.”

“Eric has been the most helpful partner I've had the opportunity to work with.”

“Elizabeth is a rare find.”

“Eric is one of a kind in that he has a very matter-of-fact attitude that is extremely rare, refreshing, and calming.”