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We're always excited to forge partnerships that add value to our founder and investor communities! From a sponsored blurb in our newsletter, to headlining our biggest events, we can customize a package that perfectly fits you.
Having fun with our partner, First Republic Bank, at Camp Hustle 2022.

We're going big on events!

Whether it's founders in our portfolio, investors in Angel Squad, or the Hustle Fund family-at-large, we are excited to help folks meaningfully connect in person at some big events:
  • Camp Hustle, May 17: full-day outdoor conference for 200 investors
  • HF Founder Retreat, Aug 20-24: 4 days for 80+ HF founders to escape the hustle
  • Founder Friends, SF + NYC: 6 evenings for founders to learn and connect

Virtual? Yep, we do that too!

  • Angel Squad Summit, March 14: over 2000 RSVPs last Fall for our 2hr angel investing webinar!
  • Webinars, office hours: portfolio or full founder audience, we produce + host these 1hr online events
  • YouTube Series, Uncapped Notes: a show for founders by Eric Bahn + Janel Spilker that demystifies the world of VC
Yes, this is actually Elizabeth's virtual background.

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