Invest smarter with help from Hustle Fund.

At Angel Squad, you'll learn how to angel invest and get a chance to invest as little as $1k into Hustle Fund's top performing early-stage startups.




The Hustle Fund team shares the approach that we've learned from reviewing 40k+(!) investment opportunities. We've created resources exclusively for Angel Squad that will make you a smarter investor, regardless of your experience level.


Join Angel Squad virtual events to hear LIVE PITCHES from top Hustle Fund portfolio companies, and you can invest as little as $1k. We see 700+ deals/month and we share 2-3 of the best ones.


~1000 Squad Members have used Angel Squad as an onramp into investing. You'll meet each other at IRL events as well as get matched 1:1 monthly based on shared interests.


Angel Squad Impact




Capital Raised




We're not your average angel club 🥳

Angel Squad invests alongside Hustle Fund into our top performing portfolio companies. We share why we're investing, and invite you to join us. So far, things are looking good.

7 out of 8 companies that we invested in at the beginning of 2021 have raised at a higher valuation, including one 10x+ markup in under a year. Our median markup from this group is 3.3x!

While our track record speaks for itself, you should also know that Hustle Fund likes to have fun along the way. ps - we have a "no a-hole" policy.


Squad Members come from all walks of life

Sure we have execs from all of the biggest tech companies, startup founders who have sold their company for billions, and experienced investors. But we also have art curators in LA and NY, a chef in Turkey, a pilot in Australia, lawyers, doctors, allergists, real estate investors, quant traders, and more.

Not yet an accredited investor? Most angel groups won't let you in. We pay for your Series 65 exam fee.


Meet Our Success Stories

"As a medical professional, angel investing is very foreign, so it's so helpful to learn directly from a venture fund and then to invest alongside them."

Camari Wallace, Pain Management Interventionalist

"I've attended a number of angel programs, but nothing is like Angel Squad. The community, learning, and investment opportunities are all incredible."

Erin Anderson, Head of Experience at Belong, ex-Airbnb, Postmates, Lyft 

"Angel Squad has been an incredibly warm and welcoming environment for me to push outside of my comfort zone. No matter where you are in your journey, you'll find value."

Kara Penn, Executive Coach

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One of your teachers: Elizabeth Yin 🦛

Elizabeth Yin is the co-founder of Hustle Fund, and her tweet storms and blog posts are the stuff of legends. She was recently cited as one of the Top 11 most loved VCs by TechCrunch and has invested in 500+ startups to date 👀

Elizabeth's passion is teaching the ins-and-outs of early-stage investing. She'll lead workshops and give you advice in your investing journey.

Elizabeth is just one of several talented teachers/investors who will be part of your experience at Angel Squad!

Elizabeth Yin
"The returns on angel investing are unparalleled. You can make upwards of 100-1000x on a single investment." – Elizabeth Yin, Hustle Fund GP

Other Hustle Fund instructors

Brian Nichols

Angel Squad GM

Shiyan Koh

Hustle Fund GP

Eric Bahn

Hustle Fund GP


Some of Hustle Fund's Investments 🚀

Hustle Fund, an early-stage venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, created this program to give radically transparent access to show how we invest and invite you to invest $1k or more into our top performing startups. We were among the first investors in:



$4B Valuation




Pill Club




The Magic of a Welcoming Network

Squad Members from 20+ countries have invested together. Childhood friends have reconnected. New friends and mentorships have started.

San Francisco • Hong Kong • Miami • New York • Chicago • Toronto • More

Art Basel • ETH Denver • NFT NYC • LA Tech Week • SXSW

You name it, we're there.

Magic happens when no a-holes are allowed.

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