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The Hustle Fund team shares the approach that we've learned from reviewing 40k+(!) investment opportunities. We've created resources exclusively for Angel Squad that will make you a smarter investor, regardless of your experience level.


Join Angel Squad virtual events to hear LIVE PITCHES from top Hustle Fund portfolio companies, and you can invest as little as $1k. We see 1000+ deals/month and we share 2-3 of the best ones with the Squad.


Squad Members use Angel Squad as an onramp into investing and to network with other operators and investors. You'll meet each other at IRL events as well as get matched 1:1 weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based on shared interests.

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"I've attended a number of angel programs, but nothing is like Angel Squad. The community, learning, and investment opportunities are all incredible."
Erin Anderson
Head of Experience at Belong, ex-Airbnb, Postmates, Lyft
"Angel Squad has been an incredibly warm and welcoming environment for me to push outside of my comfort zone. No matter where you are in your journey, you'll find value."
Kara Penn
Executive Coach
"As a medical professional, angel investing is very foreign, so it's so helpful to learn directly from a venture fund and then to invest alongside them."
Camari Wallace
Pain Management Interventionalist
Santino 👷♂️🏡💸
I have found @HustleFundVC angels to be nothing but the most polite, straight forward, and helpful group of people I’ve interacted with recently - and it goes a long way because VCs are often super cold (no offense)
1:30 AM · Sep 3, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

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Hustle Fund, an early-stage venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, created this program to give radically transparent access to show how we invest and invite you to invest $1k or more into our top performing startups. We were among the first investors in:
$4B valuation
$1B+ Valuation
$4B valuation
$1B+ Valuation

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Squad Members from 40+ countries have invested together. Childhood friends have reconnected. New friends and mentorships have started.

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