The Angel Squad Story
In October 2020 as I started my angel investing journey, I realized that there was a huge opportunity to focus on an overlooked segment of the startup investing ecosystem – the people who don’t traditionally have access to high-quality startup investment opportunities, and who can’t afford to invest more than $5k per company.

I pitched the idea of bringing access to this group of people to Elizabeth, Eric, and Shiyan – three friends from Stanford who started Hustle Fund together 20+ years after meeting in the dorms. Not only did they love it, but they also had been kicking around a similar idea.

We joined forces to create Angel Squad with the aspiration of bringing 10k new angels into the ecosystem. We have conviction that this can change the world. Why?
Because people are more likely to invest in problems that they can relate to. So if you can empower more people from different backgrounds to invest in startups, then more entrepreneurs from a wider range of backgrounds will be funded to solve different classes of problems.

It's working. We have 1500+ members from all walks of life, all corners of the globe. It's gone better than any of us could’ve imagined –  but we’re just getting started. Join us.

- Brian
Brian Nichols
Angel squad Founder
Shiyan Koh
Hustle Fund GP
Eric Bahn
Hustle Fund GP
Elizabeth Yin
Hustle Fund GP

We take our community (and no a-holes policy) seriously, and it shows.

"Simply put, most of the good things in my life right now can be attributed back to @HustleFundVC @b_nicks11 @dunkhippo33 @ericbahn and Angel Squad 💛 Without them, I don't have @contra, 7 angel investments, and a wealth of knowledge and friends in the 👼community"
Soham Maniar
"Hey friends. Angel Squad is the BEST investment I've made during my psuedo-sabbatical. I am learning so much and it's a tribe with my vibe. 💛"
Cheryl Kellond
"Join the squad - i've been a part of Angel Squad for ~9 months, and can't say enough good things about the community and their collective approach to investing. @HustleFundVC #hustlefund #angelsquad"
Kyle Wood
"I don't know how it's possible to have such a perfect 'good humans' filter, but @HustleFundVC figured it out :)

Love being a part of this community. If you're early in your angel investing journey and want to invest alongside amazing humans, def apply!"
"I love being part of Angel Squad! @b_nicks11 and @haleymbryant have really built an awesome community. I've met great people and I've gotten access to some good deals. If you're at all interested in getting into angel investing consider applying."