"As one of my earliest investors, Hustle Fund has proven over the past several years to be a hugely strategic partner for me and the Rupa Health team! They are the real dealputting in actual sweat equity to help me with growth, strategy, fundraising, and more.

Tara Viswanathan

Founder/CEO of Rupa Health


Hustle Fund was the second investor to invest into Hemster. What attracted me to the team initially was their mindset to grow with me throughout the journey from an operator mindset. What made me stay as Hustle Fund followed on their first check, was their unconditional support during the unprecedented global pandemic. It’s wonderful to have a partner like Hustle Fund that hustles as hard as the Hemster team.

Allison Lee

Founder/CEO of Hemster


What I love about the Hustle Fund team is that they were all startup founders and operators before they became VCs. The team has such a breadth of skills in company building and a nuanced understanding of how fintech can unleash value in our industryhealthcare. This has been enormously helpful in building upon our mental models and strategy to scale up Gentem.

Fisayo Ositelu

Co-Founder/CEO of Gentem


Waitwho are these people?! Just kidding. :)

Hustle Fund has been an awesome partner, being with us during some of the earliest days of Webflow--when it was just the three co-founders! Hustle Fund got their hands dirty and helped us early to design our first customer persona and go-to-market strategy. It’s been been a fun and productive partnership, and they’ve tolerated my dad jokes well.

Vlad Magdalin

Co-Founder/CEO of Webflow


As a founder in Vietnam, Hustle Fund is one of the few Silicon Valley-style seed funds that exist in Southeast Asia. They are service orientedthey don’t write a check and ghost you as a founderinstead the team is highly accessible and highly effective partners in planning company scale, growth, and fundraising.

Son Nguyen

Co-Founder/CEO of Dat Bike


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