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PAST events
May 2023

Camp Hustle 2023

Join 150+ investors who love the same things you do: great founders, great startups, and great terms. You’ll hear war stories from successful founders, listen to speed pitches from emerging startups, and connect deeply with other investors. Oh, and s’mores. Lots of s'mores.
Apr 2023

Portfolio Construction for Investors

Join Elizabeth Yin, GP at Hustle Fund, to learn the ins and outs of portfolio construction for early-stage investors. We'll cover things like: how many companies to invest in per year, how to think about follow-on checks, and more. This is an AMA, so bring your questions!
Mar 2023

Founder Summit: Work smarter, not harder as you scale

We created this virtual summit for founders to pause working in the business to start working on the business. ​Our speakers will teach you timeless strategies for scaling your business with purpose. To work smarter, not harder. And to share the wisdom about things you don’t know that you don’t know.
Mar 2023

Pre-Seed Investing with Charles Hudson, Founder of Precursor Ventures

Pre-seed investing is a relatively new concept. Charles Hudson, founder and Managing Partner of Precursor Ventures, is one of the first investors to dig into this space. We covered elements of his journey and his amazing advice for early-stage founders.
Jan 2023

AMA with Ryan Hoover (Product Hunt)

Elizabeth Yin (Hustle Fund) and Ryan Hoover (Product Hunt) chatted about going from operator to investor. We talked about things like: what makes a great product? What elements of a product do investors care about? And so much more.
Dec 2022

AMA for Early Stage Investors

Hustle Fund investors Haley Bryant and Elizabeth Yin tackle over a dozen questions from early-stage investors. We get into topics like: hype markets, pro-rata rights, how to give feedback, and more.
Oct 2022

Starting a Company in LATAM

New pay transparency laws affect any company with even one employee in NYC, California, or Washington. In this session, we covered: what the laws require companies to do, how to articulate your pay philosophy, and dos and don'ts on setting compensation.