Excited to help you prep your next round!

Each week, you'll receive an email on a different fundraising topic.
Bring your questions to live sessions and office hours.
Learn from each other in your cohort.
Building your investor leads list
  • Collaborative leads lists
  • Creating a CRM to track investor outreach
Storytelling & Positioning
  • Feedback on your pitch decks (weekly if needed)
  • Curated Hustle Fund and external resources
The Investor Mindset
  • Understanding what investors look for
  • Closing investors
  • Feedback on your fundraising strategy


Who on my team should register?

Our fundraising cohorts are for Hustle Fund portfolio founders only. Each founder can register separately.

Should I start working on my pitch deck before Redwood School?

This is fine, but we will go over this during the program and we may end up recommending changing your story entirely.

How can I prepare? How can I start learning right away?

Take a look at Elizabeth's one-pager on How To Raise A Seed Round. It's an incredible resource!

What time zone will the sessions be in?

Most sessions will be held during business hours in the U.S. time zones as well as the early morning hours in Asia, such as from 7am to 9am SGT.