Hi, I'm Hustle Fund. AMA!

  • Where do you invest?

    At this time we exclusively invest in companies based in the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

    Rest of world: we’ll get to you some day!

  • What do you invest in?

    We don’t have specific industries that we focus on, but we are software generalists which encompasses B2B, fintech, marketplaces, digital health, and much more. On the flip side, we tend to shy from capital intensive companies -- so for example, we don't invest in e-commerce companies, ad-revenue based models, and have only sometimes done hardware deals.

  • How big is your fund?

    Current fund is $11.5M.

  • Do you invest in Series A rounds?

    We may occasionally invest in a Series A round if we have already committed capital to a company in a prior round and would like to increase our exposure. However, our initial investments are always at the pre-seed stage.

  • Are you an accelerator?

    We are not an accelerator program, in the traditional sense, but we like to work with our founders to add value where we can -- especially by leveraging our network in the Silicon Valley.

  • Do you lead rounds?

    We are very comfortable setting terms and being first check into your company! But, because of our small check size, we won't be putting in the bulk of money in your round.

  • How long do you take to decide? 

    Most of the time, founders can expect to receive a response from us between 24 and 48 hours after having a call with us.

  • Do you coach outside of your fund?

    Nope, unfortunately we can't.

  • Are you a diversity fund?

    We are always happy to accept applications from diverse and nontraditional founders (and encourage all submissions that fit our criteria above). However, Hustle Fund is not a diversity fund. We invest in companies based on a startup’s business model / unit economics and the hustle of the founders who lead these companies.

  • What don’t you invest in?

    We do not invest in art/film projects, hardware-based startups, e-commerce platforms, pharmaceutical or medical device companies, solar panels, real estate, restaurants / physical retail or traditional brick and mortar small businesses.

    We were once pitched an opportunity to invest into a tropical island, but unfortunately had to decline.

  • Who is the weirdest person on your team?

    Definitely Elizabeth.

  • Whats the deal with your newsletter?

    We send out one email a week that covers tactics for startups.

    Topics include things like... fundraising tips, customer acquisition tactics, strategies for scaling your business, and case studies from real companies in our portfolio.

    Interested in checking it out? Click here to sign up.

  • Does our product have to be ready to apply?

    Our sweet spot is for companies that have built a minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Are you actively investing?

    Yes - always. 

  • How many investments do you do in a year?

    We pace at about 50 investments per year.