You're invited to join Angel Squad!

Save $$ by joining the Squad 4 LIFE

Pay for ONE YEAR of Angel Squad over 4 months instead of 4 quarters and you're in for LIFE. This has become our most popular option, and if you do it now it comes with the 14 days of complimentary access.
5 years of Angel Squad is $17,500, but you can opt-in for life for 4 months x $875. Only our early believers will get access to this offer.
We are 💯 going to raise these prices in the future.

You might be eligible to be reimbursed by your employer 👀

You may be able to expense the cost of Angel Squad under L&D, professional development, or conference budgets. We will help you -- we can offer a certificate of completion for those who need it as part of their company's reimbursement policy, customize the payment structure to meet your employer's needs, or create a custom note for you to share with your employer.