Angel investing shouldn't be scary. We'll show you exactly how we do it.

Welcome to Angel Squad, an inclusive community training the next generation of angels. We've created this program to give radically transparent access to show how Hustle Fund invests and invite you to invest alongside us into great companies.

We're giving away our secret sauce to a diverse group of angels 🤫

We are inviting a diverse, carefully curated community of new investors to join us. Members have unique, radically transparent access into our investment decision process, and can invest into the same companies we do.

We are intentional in making sure that investors from all walks of life (doctors, lawyers, artists, chefs, tech folks, other traditional industry professions) can find a safe place to learn and invest alongside us.

We have 150+ people in this community already and add 75+ more each quarter. Our Angel Squad community is:

  • 46% female
  • 9% underrepresented minorities
  • 32% not in tech
  • 67% live outside of Silicon Valley
"We believe great founders look like anyone and come from anywhere. And, the same goes for great angels."

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So...why should I get excited🎉

TL;DR: we'll make money investing together, and will have a lot of fun too. We are reviewing 700+ deals/month. Learn more about Angel Squad in the press.

Educate Yourself!

Learn directly from the Investment Team at Hustle Fund.

Hustle Fund reviews 700 deals per month. We have the muscle memory built up to pick winners. Squad Members will have an exclusive, behind the scenes look at our approach.


Invest in the exact same deals as we do, at the same valuation.

Hustle Fund invests in ~1% of the deals we see. We will earn allocation in competitive deals that we will share with Squad Members. Member pick which ones they'd like to invest in (as little as $1k). For new angels, more small checks into more companies is better than a few big checks into a few companies.


You'll love joining this squad of angel hustlers.

We're creating an onramp for angel investing, welcoming members from all walks of life -- artists, chefs, lawyers, doctors, founders, real estate agents, tech execs. The Squad is currently 46% women (almost double industry averages), and climbing.

Since launching in January 2021: 🎉

  • $10M+ invested to date
  • 20+ companies
  • Pre-seed through Series C
  • 85% of all Angel Squad Members have participated in 1+ deal, some have invested small amounts into all
  • Median amounted invested: $2500

$2500 for a 6 month membership 💸

Next cohort starts on 1/13/22. Space is limited!

Squad Love 💛


Erin Anderson, Head of Experience at Belong, ex-Airbnb, Postmates, Lyft

"I've attended a number of angel programs, but nothing is like Angel Squad. The highlight for me has been seeing founders pitch, hearing analysis from the Hustle Fund team, and then having the choice to invest."


Kara Penn, Principal/Owner and Executive Coach, Mission Spark

"I had no background in angel investing, but was interested in diversifying in the early-stage space. Angel Squad has been an incredibly warm and welcoming environment for me to push outside of my comfort zone, and to learn alongside incredibly smart people from around the world."


Camari Wallace, Pain Management Interventionalist

As a medical professional, this is all new to me; so being able to cut through the noise and see under the hood of how the Hustle Fund team makes investment decisions, and then to be able to invest alongside them, is an incredibly efficient way for me to both learn and invest.

A typical month at Angel Squad 👩‍💻

All events are at 5pm PT on Wednesdays, and we do events every week all year round. If that doesn't suit your schedule, check out our Angel Squad Lite program!

Week 1: Workshop

Learn investing frameworks directly from the Hustle Fund team.

We go in-depth into our evaluation process, share guides that we've created for you, and then give you the chance to personalize them based on what matters most to you.

Week 2: Networking

Grow your network at engaging virtual mixers. We do quick 1:1s to make new friends and then longer group breakouts to dive deep into the trends and sectors you care about.

Week 3: Shark Tank + Deal Discussion

Most VCs don't leave the door open when they're internally debating about investment opportunities. We do, but only for our Squad. If you've ever wanted to see a founder pitch an investment team, hear their investment analysis, and then ask questions about the decision (or want to weigh in!), then you're in the right place!

Week 4: Invest with us

Hustle Fund invests in the best 1% of companies that we see, and then we bring some to the Squad. Hear live pitches from Hustle Fund portfolio company founders, ask them questions live, and invest in those companies at the same terms as us.


Who will teach me? Meet one of your teachers: @dunkhippo33 🦛

Elizabeth Yin is the co-founder of Hustle Fund, and yes that is her actual real Twitter username.

Despite her questionable taste in user handles, Elizabeth's tweetstorms and blog posts are the stuff of legends. She was recently cited as one of the Top 11 most loved VCs by TechCrunch.

Elizabeth's passion is teaching the ins-and-outs of early-stage investing. She'll be leading workshops and providing advice to you in your investing journey.

Elizabeth is just one of several talented teachers/investors at Hustle Fund who will be part of your experience at Angel Squad!

Some of Hustle Fund's Investments 🚀

$2,500 for a 6 month membership 💸

Cohort starts on January 12, 2022!

Angel Squad AMA 🧐

  • Can I join if I'm not accredited?

    The short answer is "no," but we have good news. We want to make Angel Squad accessible to anyone who is interested, so if you don't meet the SEC's financial accreditation requirements, you can take the Series 65 exam, and we'll deduct the cost from your Angel Squad tuition!

  • What if I can't come to events at 5pm PT?

    We want to make this program accessible to all -- living in a different time zone or being a busy parent should not deter you from participating. That's why we created Angel Squad Lite, which is as close to the same experience as possible. You have access to video recordings of the events, all of our content library and tools, and access to all of the same investment opportunities.

    Since it's a lighter weight version, it's cheaper ($1500 for a full year membership).

    Interested? More here.

  • What makes Hustle Fund's Angel Squad different?

    We think we're different for a few reasons:

    1. It's the only program where you can invest in the exact same deals that Hustle Fund invests from its main institutional venture fund.
    2. As a pre-seed fund that invests in "hilariously early" startups, we're uniquely aligned to invest alongside and teach angels.
    3. Our investing approach is unique and there aren't that many true pre-seed VCs out there --we reach founders when they are "hilariously early," at the pre-seed stage. We're uniquely aligned to teach our method of how to assess founders when they are just barely taking flight.
    4. We lead with inclusivity. This isn't some vanity club -- we are building a community of good humans from all different backgrounds who want to serve founders as early believers, supporters, and investors. 

    No big egos allowed. We want to create a safe place where any question is safe to ask, and where we all take a growth mindset to the craft of angel investing.

  • What is the program structure?

    We do one cohort per quarter, each cohort will have 100+ people. Next cohort starts on January 12, 2022 and is filling up quickly!

  • Who is Angel Squad for? Who is it not for? Is there an "ideal" member?

    The ideal member has already done a few angel deals, but more importantly, wants to invest in 3+ deals over the next 12 months. If you aren't in the game, you won't benefit from this program.

    We would like to invite a diverse background of applicants to this program. While tech leaders are great, we also want other practitioners like doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and more.

    Oh by the way--if you're an asshole, you're not invited. :)

    We're highly protective of our community of good humans. We want open mindsets and good attitudes. The plan is to make it safe for people to get vulnerable with each other, so we can really learn together and form a great community.

  • Tell me more about the pricing.

    It's $2,500 for a 6 month membership.

    We expect you to participate in at least one syndicated deal (minimum $1K invested). Our syndicates are competitively priced: no management fee; a small one-time SPV setup fee; and 20% carry.

    However, if you pay for 1 year in advance, $5,000 for a 1-year membership, then we will offer you 0% carry on your first investment!

  • Can I continue the program at the end of the 6 months?

    Yes, at the end of the 6 months, you have the option to renew.

    Think of it as a country club where you can renew as many times as you'd like to continue getting all the member benefits of the program.

  • Will I be able to help the founders I invest in?

    Umm, yes please? Truthfully, this is one of the main reasons why we started Angel Squad -- to empower operators from a diverse set of backgrounds to invest alongside us in our portfolio companies. We believe that operators have an outsized impact on the companies they invest in, so we want to pull together an amazing group to support these founders.

    Tactically, what this means is you will receive investor updates from founders that explain the challenges they are facing. You will also hear about opportunities to help founders on our online community. In any instance where you can help, we encourage you to raise your hand to support!

  • Can I participate even if I have a full-time job.

    Of course! All events will be held in the evenings, and we'll record them in case you need to miss a session. The community will be available to you 24/7.

  • Hold up, is this another angel club for snooty tech folks? 🤮

    If you know anything about Hustle Fund (the folks behind Angel Squad), we're a team that does things a bit differently. We believe great hustlers look like anyone and come from anywhere and the same goes for great angels.

    You might be new to your angel investing career and maybe a bit intimidated by the sea of Patagonia-vested VCs aggressively asking founders how they can help (without being that helpful btw).

    Angel Squad has broken this model.

  • I have more questions!!

    No problem, hit us up at:

This looks cool and all, but aren't the Hustle Fund folks a bunch of weirdos? 😳

Absolutely, especially Elizabeth! I mean, what the heck is up with her hippo obsession???

Be a part of our quirky loving community.

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