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5 Reasons Why Your Pitch Deck Should be Shorter

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Talking about competitors can be scary and confusing. But it's important to clearly position your company against the other players in the space.  

Less is more when it comes to crafting your investor pitch! In this episode, Deck Doctors team walks you through five of the most important reasons for why you should keep your deck short and sweet. This can be hard for many founders, as there's so many dynamics at play when communicating the past, present and future of their startups, but it's critical to be clear and concise when structuring your deck. Check out the episode to learn why!

Video here.👇

Show Notes

  • The Docs dive into the top five reasons for keeping your pitch deck short, sweet and to the point.
  • They teach you think like an investor and how to see things from their perspective with their limited time.
  • And how to grab an investor's attention in just 60 seconds.

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