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Best practices on addressing competitors in your startup pitch deck

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Talking about competitors can be scary and confusing. But it's important to clearly position your company against the other players in the space.  

For today's topic, the Docs go through "competition" slides from four real-world examples (and companies) to showcase some best practices for nailing your competitor section.

Video here.👇

Show Notes

  • The Docs dive into the three most common mistakes founders make when addressing their competition in their pitch decks, including that some people don't acknowledge it at all, which can send the wrong message to investors.
  • They teach you how to think about competition the right way that will reflect best on you and your company to interested parties.
  • Lastly, they show real-world examples from Venboo, Rutabaga, Dataravel and Salestable, who showcased their competitors with a thorough analysis in appealing slide decks.

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