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Deck Feedback for BlockPlot

This is Second Opinion, where we give honest, tactical feedback to founders about their pitch decks. In this 8-minute video, the Docs give advice on BlockPlot's problem, market, and solution slide. The result? A deck that helps BlocPlot stand out in a sea of other pitch decks.

Video here 👇

The patient

BlocPlot (website)

What they do

Blockplot is a real estate tokenization platform for the African market.  

Show Notes

  • The Docs operate on three common symptoms… a generic problem slide, an unfocused market slide, and a flat solution slide.

  • They show you how to visualize key ideas in your pitch.

  • They drive home ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

  • They break down the walls of a standard competitor slide, and show you how to be the hero in your story.

Reminder of how this works

Here's how this whole operation works: founders submit their decks to be reviewed by filling out this form.

The Deck Doctors review the deck, then record a video with tactical suggestions on how to improve it. Our aim: to help founders land more meetings with investors. There is no money exchanged, no favoritism, and no judgments.

Who are the Deck Doctors?

The Deck Doctors are a small but mighty team of strategists, storytellers, designers, investors, entrepreneurs, and startup nerds who have cracked the code on pitch decks. They've helped over 100 startups build winning pitch decks by transforming hideous and incoherent decks into works of art. Get in touch with them here.

Who is Hustle Fund?

Hustle Fund is a pre-seed venture capital fund that believes great founders can look like anyone and come from anywhere. We've invested in over 500 startups across a wide variety of industries.