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Deck feedback for Senpai, part 2

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Talking about competitors can be scary and confusing. But it's important to clearly position your company against the other players in the space.  

In this episode, we take another deep dive into the world of presentation design with a live demo of creating a market slide for Senpai, an innovative dating app for anime enthusiasts. Join us as we peel back the curtain on the design process, from selecting colors to structuring content and witness the transformation of a simple idea into a compelling visual story.

The patient

Senpai (website)

What they do

Senpai is a new dating app created by Makeshift Software that caters to the unique needs of anime fans. Using their shared passion for anime, it allows users to break the ice and make connections more easily.

Show Notes

  • The Docs discuss the importance of covering off on text sizing and spacing, highlighting big numbers for readability and showcasing major logos for visual signaling.
  • The Docs dive in further to develop information as a design to guide the viewers eyes to story beats
  • The benefits of pushing copywriting to align with story goals and information design, as well as using "eyebrow" text for easier wayfinding through your pitch deck.
  • Plus, the Docs offer insight into the importance of consistency across the deck.

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