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Deck Feedback for Worksense

This is Second Opinion, a newsletter created by your friends Deck Doctors and Hustle Fund VC, where we give honest, tactical feedback to founders about their pitch decks.

In this week's less-than-10-minute video, the Docs dive into Worksense, a company that is seeking to replace the age-old "company survey" by building an AI solution to analyze sentiment from team communications in Slack and other channels.

Video here 👇

The patient

Worksense (website)

What they do

Worksense is the people analytics platform that boosts sentiment and productivity by offering automatic, anonymized insights. It can automatically:

  • Capture sentiment, performance, and recruiting data by itself
  • Generate reports and actionable insights from the data
  • Easily connect with your most used SaaS tools

Show Notes

  • The Docs kick off today's episode by discussing an odd, but truly memorable, bullet point on the team intro slide.
  • Then, they pull out the exciting founding story and strong accelerator backing that was hidden in plain sight.
  • Next, in a feat of "headline ZIP filing," the Docs take a 15-word solution statement and bring it down to just three. You can decide if this is strong copywriting or if they took it too far ...
  • Last, but certainly not least, the Docs bring some data into a product slide, connecting an already strong value proposition with clear results.

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