Should I find a male co-founder to get funded quicker?

(If you want to see the extended response from Elizabeth, check out this video.)

Unfortunately there is truth to this. We've seen this not only from the broader data out there but also from our own portfolio.

If you are not well connected, your demographics (sadly) matter a lot more. This means that if you’re a woman or an underrepresented minority, it will be generally harder to raise money.

This is unfair, illogical, and just plain wrong.

But it doesn’t mean you should give up. Elizabeth Yin’s (GP at Hustle Fund) advice for this question is this: You can't change who you are, so you should just own it.

Everyone has unique strengths. For you, it could be your experience in managing people or knowledge in this specific domain. Or you’ve experienced this problem first hand or you are already well-respected in this space. 

These are advantages only you possess. Own it and sell that. 

 If you go into meetings with self-doubt about “I’m an older woman” or “I’m not qualified enough” then it’s going to be impossible to raise. Investors can smell blood in the water. 

You should go in and wholeheartedly believe you are the best person to be working on this business and that this business needs to exist.  

And if they don’t like it, move on and talk with other investors. Keep hustling until you find the right people who are excited about the opportunity.