We published a book to help you raise millions of dollars

Big news from Hustle Fund: we wrote a book that covers every inch of fundraising for first-time founders. 🥳

It’s called Raise Millions: The ultimate guide to fundraising for first-time founders.

You can read it at no charge here. Why did we write a book and then decide to give it away for free? I’ll explain that in a minute.

If you do read the book, please consider forwarding this blog post to just one friend today. It would mean the world to us. 💗

Why we wrote the book

Fundraising used to be reserved for an “elite” group of people. If you weren’t born into a family of entrepreneurs or grew up in an area like Silicon Valley, you would have no idea how to raise money. This meant the “elite” group of people were the only ones with the opportunity to fundraise and build billion-dollar companies, while everyone else had to struggle to figure things out.

Well, not anymore.

We believe great founders can come from anywhere and look like anyone. We wrote Raise Millions to bring transparency to the world of fundraising. So whether you’re a solo founder from India, a small team in Argentina, or a fresh college graduate from Minnesota, you’ll learn how to raise millions of dollars.

What’s inside the book

  • Chapter 1: how the fundraising process actually works
  • Chapter 2: the essential ingredients of a killer pitch deck
  • Chapter 3: building relationships with investors
  • Chapter 4: how to pitch to investors
  • Chapter 5: steps to take once an investor verbally commits
  • Bonus resources: email scripts, templates, and a cheat sheet of our entire book

This book is educational and actionable. You’ll learn everything you need to know to fundraise from the pre-seed stage all the way to your Series A. 

Seriously, this guide will cover everything you need. 

Literally no charge to get it 

Click here to download Raise Millions: The ultimate guide to fundraising for first-time founders at no charge. 

And if you have an entrepreneurial friend who’s looking to fundraise, forward them this blog post. They’ll thank you later. 😉