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Here's who's speaking at Camp Hustle

We've been hosting Camp Hustle for 3 years now. And one of our biggest learnings is that there is such a thing as too many speakers.

Now, in the past we've had a star-studded stage with speakers like...

  • Sallie Krawcheck from Ellevest
  • Jess Lee from Sequoia
  • Bryant Chou from Webflow
  • Deb Liu from Ancestry

Among 15+ others.

And while all our speakers have shared invaluable lessons, our team has come to realize that we need to prioritize networking over on-stage content. So this year we invited only 3 people to speak onstage at Camp Hustle. And – not to toot my own horn – they are all phenoms. Introducing this year's Camp Hustle keynotes:

Natalie Gordon

Founder + CEO of Babylist

Natalie started Babylist as a side project 12 years ago. Now it's a leading brand in the $88B baby market. Babylist helps 9M people build registries every year. In 2022, it drove over $900M in gross merchandise value (GMV) and earned over $290M in revenue.

Natalie Gordon, Babylist

Rahul Vohra

Founder + CEO of Superhuman

Rahul is on a mission to get people out of their inboxes so they have time to do what matters. His company, Superhuman, isn't just competing with giants like Gmail (and winning). It's also at the forefront of AI technology with incredibly high user adoption (and retention).

Rahul Vohra, Superhuman

Cyan Banister

GP at Long Journey Ventures

Cyan is a legendary angel investor. Her portfolio includes companies like Uber, SpaceX, and Postmates. Now she spends a lot of time dreaming about what the future could look like, and investing in people who are creating it. She's one of the most interesting humans I've ever met.

Cyan Banister - Long Journey Ventures

Not just a bunch of stats

I know, I know... I just dropped a bunch of stats in those descriptions. And yes, my intention is to impress you and get you excited about the onstage content at Camp Hustle. But here's the coolest thing about these three entrepreneurs: they are much more than a bunch of stats.

Each of these three people has an insanely cool story.

Natalie (from Babylist) re-invented her company over and over again in order to adapt to customer needs and an ever-changing market. She also scaled the business largely without venture capital, which is its own incredible story.

Rahul (from Superhuman) ignored many people's advice in the early days of building Superhuman, choosing instead to forge his own path toward product/market fit. Like, who purposefully limits rocket ship growth in favor of manually onboarding thousands of customers? Rahul. Rahul does that.

And Cyan (from Long Journey Ventures) spends a lot of her time going to weird conferences to learn about new industries. Like, toilet paper conferences and heavy machinery conferences. She's one of the most unique people I've ever met.

More investors and founders coming soon

Natalie, Rahul, and Cyan are the only three keynotes at Camp Hustle 2024. But that doesn't mean you won't hear from other brilliant entrepreneurs. You will... in smaller, more focused group discussions called "Bonfire Sessions".

Some of the folks leading those group chats are:

  • Charles Hudson, founder of Precursor Ventures
  • Jiquan Ngiam, founder of Lutra AI
  • Brian Nichols, founder of Angel Squad
  • Eric Bahn, co-founder of Hustle Fund

And 8+ more.

I'll be sharing more about each of our keynotes, and each of our Bonfire Sessions, in the coming weeks.

🚨 In the meantime, you should probably grab your ticket to Camp Hustle before Early Bird prices expire. Remember, tickets are fully refundable up until April 13, 2024.

See you there?