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What is Market Pull?

What is market pull?

At Hustle Fund, we define market pull as how quickly customers adopt your product. It's a velocity metric that can help you evaluate startup success.

Why is market pull important?

Market pull is a measure of the driving factors that influence how quickly customers adopt your product:

  • how hard it is to get customers
  • how much more you can upsell once you have customers
  • how fast the market is moving up or down


Is market pull the same thing as total addressable market (TAM)?

TAM measures how big your market is. Market pull is a loose measure to understand a companies ability to dominate the market they're in.

What are some examples of market pull?

A company can have few different types of market pull:

  • Product based market pull: when a product has viral loops built in. For example, referral codes or links, building group interactions in the product.
  • Market based: when the geography or sector has a lot of greenfield. For example, crypto/Web3 in the 2010s. Timing is a huge factor in creating market based market pull.
  • Marketing based: when a company can efficiently acquire customers through marketing. For example, paid ads or SEO.

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