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Angel invest into our top portfolio companies!

Angel investing isn’t just for the ultra-rich. Come join 1500+ angel investors from all walks of life in Hustle Fund’s Angel Squad, where we teach how we invest and invite you to invest alongside us.

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Serious merch, less serious VCs

Merch for the Underrepresented, Underestimated, and Wholehearted Change Makers!

Why should I take money from Hustle Fund–really?

Great question, and here’s why:

We’ll send you money, fast

We can make a decision to invest within 1-2 meetings, and we will wire within the week. We don’t wait for someone else to lead, as that is BS.

We’ll teach you useful stuff

We set up a school on sales and customer acquisition called Redwood School, and we offer knowledge + mentors to help your startup grow.

Our network becomes yours

We work with over a thousand VCs, and a bunch more angels + operators via Angel Squad. When you’re in our fam, you expand your network.

Beyond the capital, knowledge, and networks–we think you’ll love our vibes. We’re kind, responsive, irreverent, and sort of smart (except for Eric). You’ll find a safe and fun partner in Hustle Fund. More details about us in our FAQ.

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