Build your recruiting pipeline in 20 minutes per week

How to build your recruiting pipeline

Two words: passive recruiting  

This means building relationships with dozens of potential candidates throughout the year. So when it is time to hire, you have an activated network to turn to instead of starting from scratch like Nikki had to do.

Where should you start? 

To start, go to LinkedIn. There, you’ll find people at other companies who are in roles that you might want to fill in the future.

Send a message to those people asking for a quick chat. Your goal is to learn more about what that person does in that role. It’s an informational interview. You are not hard-selling your company. Not yet.

At this stage, you’re just building a mental model of what great looks like.  

Try to reach out to five people per week. 

80% of people will probably ignore your messages. That’s ok. Aim for one response for every five messages you send.

If you’re getting less than that, try tailoring your message (🔥hint: it’s probably too long).

If you do this every week, by the end of the year you’ll have an activated network to turn to when it’s time to hire. 

Here’s how we recommend you make this ask…

The Messaging

“Is there someone exactly like you, or possibly you, that would be interested in joining my team?”

Good people know other good people. 

They also often know when their friends in similar roles are looking to make a career move, and will likely recommend a great opportunity to their friend. 

Or the person themselves might volunteer for the role. Especially if the position includes an opportunity to grow their career, either through management or a seat at the table.

All it takes is 20 minutes a week. Do yourself a favor and start this process today.