Hustle Fund's horrible, no good, very bad pitch deck

I just joined Hustle Fund full-time a few months ago, and in that time I was surprised to learn that in the last 6 years, the company has:

It wasn’t easy to get here. We’ve certainly had our fair share of failures as well. And while Eric Bahn was cleaning up some old files, he came across the first version of the Hustle Fund pitch deck.

He posted this in Slack:

I looked at the pitch deck. It is, indeed, a piece of 💩.

We’ve covered the most common pitch deck mistakes that founders make. We’ve written dozens of articles on how to fundraise. 

So how did this pitch deck start off so terribly!?.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at the horrible, no good very bad slides that the GPs first used to pitch the fund.

See: Hustle Fund's 1st pitch deck

Had a good laugh?

I had no idea what the GPs were thinking. Seeing this reminded me that even the best entrepreneurs/VCs start somewhere.

And if they could learn and grow from their mistakes, you can too.

No joke - Hustle Fund’s co-founders created over 100 versions of the deck during their first round of fundraising. If you’re getting fed up with your deck creation process, stay strong and know that we’re rooting for you.