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Three Newsletters Every VC Should Have

After years of avoiding it, I finally got on Twitter.

Right away I noticed 2 things:

  1. People are on twitter all. day. long. Does anyone even work anymore?
  2. VCs on twitter constantly push their newsletters.

This got me thinking: There are so many things VCs can be doing with their time... especially if they are solo GPs and/or emerging fund managers just getting started.

They've gotta fundraise, source deals, meet founders, support portfolio companies, deal with back-office operations...

Do they also need to write a newsletter?

As it turns out... no. VCs don't need to write a newsletter. They need to write 3 newsletters.

  • 1 newsletter for their LPs
  • 1 newsletter for their portfolio companies
  • 1 newsletter for the general public

So that's the bad news. The good news is that every newsletter doesn't need to go out weekly. Let's break down each one.

The LP Newsletter

Who gets it: your existing LPs and prospective LPs

Frequency: Quarterly

What's inside:

  • updates on existing portfolio companies
  • new investments
  • company updates – new hires, events you're hosting, etc.
  • LP info – the next capital call, upcoming AGM dates, etc.

The Purpose:

  • To keep your existing investors informed + excited about what's happening at the fund
  • To give your investors confidence in the work you're doing
  • To give prospective investors insight into the kind of performance they can expect from your fund

The Portfolio Newsletter

Who gets it: your existing portfolio companies

Frequency: Monthly

What's inside:

  • upcoming events that will benefit your founders – your events or other people's
  • tactical advice – eg: how to find your first technical hire, growth channels to explore, how to set OKRs, etc
  • your calendar link so your founders can book time with you

The Purpose:

  • To build trust with your founders
  • To be a value-add investor
  • To give your portfolio founders a competitive advantage through exclusive tactics and insights

The General Newsletter

Who gets it: anyone in the startup / VC ecosystem

Frequency: Weekly

What's inside:

  • your unique take on something related to startups and/or investing

The Purpose:

  • To increase dealflow
  • To attract LPs
  • To build a brand such that people want to be part of your orbit – eg: send you companies, invite you to speak, intro you to LPs, co-invest alongside you, etc.

Ugh, that's a lot.

I agree. It's a lot. This is why more and more VCs are investing in a marketing person or outsourcing to an agency.

Can you build a successful VC fund without having 3 newsletters? Yes, probably.

Will your newsletters eventually become a critical way that you fundraise, build relationships, and grow your brand?

Also yes.


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